Recommended Articles

"Pack Mentality"

Teaching and Learning

One size fits all leadership? Not really...

Change your way of thinking!

Treats are not bribery!

"Being a good leader for your dog is a lot like being a good parent. Be patient, confident and forgiving of errors. We all forget the rules sometimes. Give guidance and direction as opposed to correction. Be an educator and a translator instead of a dominator."

A great article from Victoria Stilwell,0,3034371.column

We all have good days and bad days...

Dogs' varying personalities and reactions

More on dogs' personalities

Dogs' varying need for pressure

He knows what I'm telling him...or does he?

"If your dog is having issues, look first at what you're doing."

Your dog watches you and interprets your behavior

A more in-depth read about the energy that you project and its effects

Dogs learn from other dogs, too!

An excellent article by Pat Miller about canine body language

Tail talk

Can you read stress in dogs?

Socialization 101

To socialize...or not...

Before you pet a dog, please get his/her permission first!

Stand up for your dog!

Behavior Modification

Nature, nurture,....and management!

What you're probably doing wrong...

Control the environment

Management is key!

Train the DOG, not the STORY!

Understanding motivation

The ALL important impulse control!

Your dog's name and training

Why isn't my dog listening to me?

Food as a reinforcer

Predictability and the element of surprise

So you have a high-energy dog?

Please don't intimidate your dog!

Rethinking punishment

Punishment and behavior modification

The myth of "Suddenly, out of the blue..." behaviors

Stress and learning

5 tips for traumatized dogs

Understanding stress and anxiety

Trigger stacking

The protective dog

You are a safe haven for your fearful dog!

More about fear

An article on storm phobias

Some guidelines for time-outs

Does your dog door dart?

The rules of Tug (which certainly CAN be played with Bully Breeds!)

Frustration tolerance and impulse control



Resource guarding

7 things to teach a new puppy

How to properly introduce dogs

More on introductions: the 3 second rule

Managing behavior in a multi-dog household

Dogs and kids

How to keep your dog safe around law enforcement

Aggression and Reactivity

Canine aggression

Living with occasionally aggressive dogs

Are you causing your dog's aggression?

A physically punished dog is more likely to become an aggressive dog

Why dogs really bite: rethinking canine aggression

Leash aggression and frustration

Aggression/leash reactivity article

Stubbydog dog aggression/leash reactivity

Training your reactive dog

More training for your reactive dog

More great stuff on leash reactivity:

Even more...important considerations when dealing with leash reactivity

A must-read on reactivity and thresholds:

This is an article for any owner who has a dog that barks or lunges

What to do if an off-leash approaches you and your on-leash dogs: very helpful!

A slightly more "in your face" approach for off-leash dogs. See which you prefer.

What to do if your dog is attacked by another dog

Dr. Sophia Yin has created what I consider the Gold Standard as an objective way to evaluate a bite. It's very similar to Ian Dunbar's scale.

Recommended Books

Anyone with a shelter or rescue dog of any kind should own and read this book:

Do-Over Dogs: Give your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life, by Pat Miller

A light read for trainers of any animal, primate included!

What Shamu Taught Me about Life, Love, and Marriage, by Amy Sutherland

This book is a real eye-opener in many ways!

The Culture Clash: a Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs, by Jean Donaldson

This book is one of my favorites by a fabulous trainer:

If a Dog's Prayers were Answered, Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening our Relationships with Dogs, by Suzanne Clothier

TTouch is short for trust touch. Linda Tellington-Jones started these principles with horses and has transferred them with much success to dogs. Her book oulines the theory behind the Ttouches and presents them.

Getting in TTouch with your Dog, by Linda Tellingon-Jones

This book is a wonderful study on behaviorism and how it applies to training! I can't say enough about Dr. Sophia Yin. Her death was a huge loss.

How to Behave so your Dog Behaves

This is an amazing book that asks and answers important questions about emotions in dogs. For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in you and your Best Friend, by Patricia McConnell. The Other End of the Leash is also excellent. Anything by Patricia McConnell is excellent!

Recommended Websites

In my mind, Pat Miller is the best of the best!

Suzanne Clothier is also one of my favorites! She has oodles of excellent articles on her site. Also check out her videos on youtube (search for her name.)

Dr. Sophia Yin's website is filled with great information, including some FANTASTIC videos under resources. She is another one of my faves!

Patricia McConnell is an AMAZING behaviorist with some wonderful resources!!!

Emily Larlham, yet another awesome +R trainer, has great stuff on her site and also on youtube:

LOVE the Pit Bull Guru!

Turid Rugass has done some really interesting and useful research on calming signals:

A great website about aggression

A fantastic resource for owners of shy, fearful dogs

Dog bite prevention through education

Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic has a nice collection on how-tos for common problems.

Got kids? You've got to check out this website, then! There are 2 National programs embedded in the site.

Is your dog an AKC Canine Good Citizen? We can work with you to help you pass, and we can also evaluate you!

This site is FULL of great information on integrated veterinary care! Also Dr Becker's video library on youtube is filled with amazingly helpful clips!